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And We're Back!

I have a bad habit:

Whenever I'm working on a project I can't brag about, I stop talking to everyone about everything.

It's not even an NDA thing; I just forget how to human whenever I'm working on things that don't have my byline.

I'm working on that.

Part and parcel with the huge gap between updates on this site here, I also fell behind on server maintenance. The droplet that the last revision was sitting on was so old I couldn't linearly upgrade Ghost, and I ended up spinning up a new one (and starting over content-wise) to make things easier.

I also put way too much time into fiddling with the theme. Like, seriously. The whole process was kinda obnoxious. But fonts are life, man.

The TL;DR on the last year-ish:

  • We're still in Two Rivers
  • I'm still posting things on Medium
    • Remember that interview series I said I was going to do on Illogical Life? It's on Medium. I'm a part of their partner program.
  • We actually own furniture now
  • My kitchen is full of succulents
    • It's kinda ridiculous. I love it.
  • I'm still a hermit, but it works

That's all the stuff that's easy to summarize. There are some fun stories from the past year that deserve their own articles and some nerdy topics that I'll eventually exhaust, but that's all down the road. If I go heavy in the first post we'll all burn out.

The TL;DR on what's to come:

  • More Articles
    • I'm treating I/L as my "endless B side" for writing. Expect a grab-bag of topics vaguely similar to what I do elsewhere.
  • More "Lifestyle" stuff
    • I'm trying to get better at this whole "having a social life" thing, which means that I'll be making an effort to spend more time with strangers on the internet while I continue to ignore the entirety of Wisconsin.
  • More website changes
    • I'm going to flog this theme until it deserves its own repo.
  • Some old posts
    • I'll be diving through the archives and pulling up posts that deserve to be revisited. It's going to be a slow process, and the edits will be deep in many cases. This is about art, damn it.

...And that's pretty much the gist of it. I/L started as a way for me to work on writing in a more conversational and "contemporary" tone as I transitioned between gigs, but I think it's time for me to breathe a bit of independent life and energy into it.

It won't be a high-velocity blog by any means, but it's going to be fun.

You in?

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