It’s official guys — our time in Wisconsin Dells is limited.

When we moved to the Dells and into our current place, our landlord was up front about her intention of listing the house in March. Which meant that when she turned around and sold the place in late November and didn’t tell us the sale was official until a week before the closing date, Jana and I were, well, surprised.

Today, December 17th, as of 4:31pm, Jana and I have been officially notified of the nonrenewal of our lease by our new landlords. She and I will be out by January 28th, hopefully with some kind of shelter lined up.

To be totally honest, its somewhat stressful proposition. Jana and I had intended to stay here until we could get a nice chunk of money saved, and hitting the streets this early is going to carve a decent chunk out of our wallets. We’d also been hoping to avoid a long lease period, which is going to be harder to avoid with only have a month and a half to look around.

On the upside, this will help us cut down on our excess stuff and grab an early change of scenery. I’ve already mentioned our intentions of donating our unused clothing and winter gear before we head East to visit family, and it looks like we’re going to be adding some dishware and house supplies to that list as well.

As to where we’ll end up, that’s not exactly clear right now. We’re thinking about heading south down to Iowa to be closer to my brother for a bit, but (at least for me) Appleton is a pretty big lure. It will ultimately come down to what kind of housing and what kinds of jobs we can get, and as such we’re pretty split. If we could, we’d dump everything and just drive until the climate was unfamiliar; it looks like it’ll be another year or two until we can do that.

Of course, before we do any of that, we get to fit in Christmas, second Christmas, and third Christmas (long story; my family does it twice), various parties, appointments, and meetings, and twenty five hours or so of driving, into five days. It’s going to be crazy.