Jana and I are. . . Rather domestic. We enjoy baking and crafts and DIY projects, and have yet to spend a single evening out since we moved to Wisconsin. We always have projects going on, and we love talking about them. Here are a few that we're currently working on:

Homemade Salsa Verde

I like spicy things perhaps a little too much.

For the sake of an affordable holiday, Jana and I have decided to adapt a hot sauce recipe I played around with mid-summer into something gift-worthy for Christmas. As such, our kitchen has been a more or less constant cloud of jalapeno juice, and I now own more vinegar than I ever have in the past. We’re shooting to make about ten cups of salsa verde, by the time we’re done.

The recipe we’re working with is pretty simple: Jalapenos, tomatillos, green onions, vinegar, and some dried spices. Getting the balance has been tricky, but once it ages, it makes for an amazing salsa. I'm also working on a jar of onion relish with a serrano puree, which may or may not be banned by the Geneva Convention due to it’s inhumane properties. Expect to see some fancy pictures around Christmas.

Small Batch Aftershave

I decided to make small batch aftershave on a lark, after realizing how much it cost on the internet (tip: anything that costs money is too expensive when it doesn’t fit your budget). And, after spending four times what I would have on aftershave, I finally have two different batches aging in the cupboard.

The first is a black pepper and cedarwood deconstruction that’s heavy on the musk. It’s intentionally simple (because essential oils are expensive), but it has the potential to be a bit stronger than I’d like. The second one is a mulled green apple and whiskey aftershave with hints of anise and a touch of black pepper (because I’m on a pepper kick, apparently). Both are made with witch hazel, glycerin, and alum, so they should be relatively easy on the skin.

All the Knitting

Once again in the name of Christmas, Jana has decided to knit… Everything.

Alright, alright, not everything; just a bunch of afghans and blankets. She’s making these for her family, as long as she doesn’t go insane it should be pretty cool. It's a great way to both save money and add a personal touch to the holiday season, although I may have to build some kind of storage rack for yarn. It's turned into quite the collection.

Sunday Meal Prep

I like cooking. Love it. But with the way my job goes, and the way my projects go, I’m not in the kitchen as consistently as I’d like (I mean, I’m there a lot, just not always for the sake of food). In order to mitigate that, Jana and I have decided to try the whole ‘cook so much you can eat for a week, and pre-package it such that you can’t binge half of it in one go’ thing, otherwise known as Sunday food prep.

At the moment, we’re experimenting with rice, curry, and flatbread, as we’re big fans of traditional English dinners. We don’t own much tupperware, of course, since we’re dead broke and lazy (and spending all of our money on craft projects, it seems), but I should have a prep guide up, as soon as I get my flow down. I didn't have a chance to grab any pictures (the lighting in our kitchen is less than ideal on cloudy days), but there'll probably be some on our social media soon.

What projects have you been working on lately? Are you a craft-o-haulic, or do you only pick up the occasional gig? Let us know!