We’ve made it! We left the Dells, the move is finished, our cars are unpacked, and we even have internet. I’ve started working with some local businesses, and we even have plans for socializing with people in the near future. We almost qualify as functioning adults!

And, you know, my queue of pre-written content has run out and there are only so many articles on this site for me to re-buffer before we all get bored.

The New Place

The move was smooth. Excluding the fact that we forgot the lids to our pots and pans, and that the brackets to our sole shelf have gone missing, things are pretty chill.

Our apartment is small, but in a good way. We’re still living out of bins (no shelving), but we’ve managed to settle in fairly well. Our apartment came furnished with both a kitchen table and a microwave, which has been great, given that all we came here with was a bed and a desk.

It’ll be a long while before it looks like minimalists live here, but the place is cozy nonetheless. After years of dorm rooms, shared apartments, and ‘a room in a house’ arrangements, having our own place is amazing. It’s easy to under-value privacy when your budget is on the line, but being able to walk to the kitchen without worrying whether your landlord will see you in your fuzzy pajamas is an amazing luxury to have.

The Weather

When I sat down to write this article, it was 2°F outside. The high today is 16°F. The high tomorrow is 9°F.

Hot damn is it warm outside.

Jana and I are used to Sault Ste. Marie, which, for the last couple of years, has had crazy winter storms every January and February. Cold enough that schools and businesses close, because it’s -20°F outside. Whiteouts, power outages, and frostbite are pretty common things over there, the city does little to clear the sidewalks, and the plows never run on time. We’ve had snow days in November and go snowshoeing in April.

With that said, our apartment could definitely be a bit warmer. We don’t pay the heat, but the landlord controls the thermostat — and it’s maybe 55°F in here.

Now don’t get me wrong, we love not having to pay that particular bill. It’s just a bit of an adjustment, not being able to feel our toes anymore. I might need to thrift some slippers and another sweater or two.

The Work

Not long after Jana and I moved to the area, I connected with a local fitness studio that was looking for some help. Defiant Fitness is a Manitowoc based group-fitness and personal training studio that’s been operating for a couple of years now. I’m giving them a hand with social media, web-dev consulting, and even a bit of personal training. It’s been pretty fun.

I’m also strongly considering getting into the web development game. The local area is pretty bare, when it comes to developers, and I’ve worked with Wordpress, Joomla, and Ghost a fair bit over the last couple of years. Most of the local businesses have fixed-width static sites straight out the web 1.0 era with rudimentary SEO, outdated backlinking, and bad page flow. It’s kinda crazy.

Otherwise, I’m working my typical pitch-and-hope grind. I have a few good contacts in the reddit community for copy and content work, as well as a handful on the social media end, although I’m still not quite satisfied with the variety of work. Illogical Life itself, though, grew quite steadily throughout January, and looks to continue growing in February.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for content you’d like to see on the site, feel free to leave a comment or to give us a shout on social media. We always appreciate it.