Christmas is about giving, right? As a dead-broke twenty-something, I’m not in a position where I can give much, but I do try my best. Sometimes, the only thing I can give is time.

This year, though, I’m trying something different.

While I did manage to make the move to Wisconsin with just a car-load of stuff, my car was stuffed to the gills. It wasn’t pretty. I still have a lot of stuff around here that doesn’t really fit the mold for messy house minimalism, and while I’m not in a position to truly get the best out of it, I’m sure other people would benefit more. Which is why I’m shooting to donate fifty pounds of used and unneeded clothing, office supplies, and books to people in need for Christmas.

Right now, I think I’ve about thirty pounds of stuff set aside for donation. I still have some boxes to go through, and I know that Jana’s going to pitch in too. It can be hard, really hard, to get rid of things when your budget is tight. We’re doing our best though.

Even with the unseasonably warm weather we’re facing, it’s still cold outside. Donating spare sweaters, jackets, and other cold-weather wear can make a huge difference for people in need. Even things like jeans and undershirts can make a difference. Hell, donating dress clothes so people can afford to look nice for an interview matters. Sometimes it’s the smallest thing.

The hardest part of cutting down is the fact that sometimes you do have to give away things that are important to you. I always struggle when it comes to giving away books, because all of the books that I own are important to me in some way. Whether they're research references, childhood favorites, or series I've fallen in love with, any book I have is a book I'd be reluctant to give away.

Someone’s going to have one hell of a read.

I strongly encourage anyone who's trying to live a minimalist lifestyle to approach decluttering as donation. It's easier to let go when you know that the things you're giving away are going to be used by people who need them. Cutting down on the things you truly don't need is easy, but it's often the stuff that we're attached to that really holds us down.

This year, I'm giving myself the gift of less by making sure other people have enough. What are you doing?